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Organisation for your kitchen

Life in the kitchen is easier when everything is perfectly organised. With wide drawers and organising accessories, you will always find the grater right away and your focus will only be on cooking big.

Your drawers, always tidy

With VARIERA organisation accessories you have many different combinations to keep your kitchen drawers always perfect. Do you want more space for your knives? Or do you prefer to keep space for bigger utensils? They are your drawers, so you choose.

Multiple drawers, multiple combinations

Big, medium or small drawers. Drawers that are elegant, wooden or with integrated lighting. At any rate, your drawers will always be tidy with VARIERA organisation accessories.


72cm of internal space


52cm of internal space


32cm of internal space

Your best kitchen assistant

The best chef always deserves the best assistants. That is why we present you with our collection of kitchen trolleys, stools and shelves which will make your life easier, also at dinner time.

The flavour factory

The stove geniuses and the half-hour cookers. We all need some help in the kitchen. That's why we've designed lots of kitchen utensils so you just have to worry about perfecting your favourite recipe.