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Light up every flavour

Cooking is safer and more pleasant when you have the right light. For this reason we present you with lighting solutions adapted to your kitchen and to your needs. Ceiling lamps, integrated lighting for the worktop and drawers that light up when you open them.

Open drawer with LED OMLOPP lighting
Open drawer with LED OMLOPP lighting

The OMLOPP lighting series is perfect for being integrated in drawers and kitchen METOD cupboards. The best way to always keep your dinnerware well illuminated. You can also regulate the intensity with a remote control.

Open drawer with LED OMLOPP lighting

The UTRUSTA lighting series is perfect for illuminating your worktop. Its flexibility allows you to integrate LED lights easily and regulate the intensity with the ANSLUTA remote control.

Open drawer with LED OMLOPP lighting

All of our lighting solutions include LED bulbs which consume up to 85% less than traditional bulbs and last 20 times more. This way, you will save energy at the same time you are taking care of the planet.

Integrated lighting for your kitchen

When it comes to cooking, lighting is a key element. We present you two series designed to help you put some light to your plates. The UTRUSTA series is available in different sizes that adjusts perfectly to your METOD cupboards and drawers. It also includes and USB and remote control. As for the OMLOPP series, with an elegant design, it perfectly adjusts to your kitchen and its ideal for lighting up, for example, your worktop.

Our ANSLUTA (UTRUSTA) remote control allows you to control the intensity of all your kitchen lights effortlessly. It works both with the UTRUSTA and OMLOPP series.

Before installing your kitchen, give a good thought to where you need the power outlets.

All you need to illuminate your kitchen

It is as easy as this: you need an ANSLUTA network cable, an ANSLUTA electrical transformer and some of our lighting accessories.