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The 4 steps to your new kitchen

Start planning your dream kitchen with our Shopping Guide. From the measuring and planning, to the ordering and installing. It will help you during each step.

But if you can't, or you don't want to do it yourself, we can do it for you!

We help you plan your kitchen

Classic, modern, Scandinavian or traditional. Whatever the style of the kitchen you are looking for is, you'll find it at IKEA.

Make appointment with specialist

1Measure your kitchen

This is the first step towards your dream kitchen. Discover how to measure your space correctly for then adjusting the elements in order to make the most of every corner.

Associated services

Contract the Measurement service if you need more help


It's the time to shape your dream kitchen. With IKEA Home Planner you'll be able to design, in a simple and intuitive way, the kitchen that better suits your space, needs and tastes.

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IKEA Home Planner

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Make an appointment with a IKEA Specialist to design together the kitchen of your dreams


Our experts will be pleased to help you with anything you're not sure about and answer any of your questions. We aim for you to be calm while buying your new kitchen, because it will be the right decision.

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IKEA Home Planner

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Our Delivery service can deliver your new kitchen to your home

4Install your new kitchen

So that installing your new kitchen turns out to be even easier, we recommend you out kitchen installation service. A team of experts will take care of the most complicated tasks, so that you can enjoy the kitchen of your dreams at home as soon as possible.

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Kitchen installation guide (pdf)

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Request the IKEA Specialist and we’ll do it for you


Kitchens that adapt to any space

Download the KITCHENS CATALOGUE 2020 in pdf


The dining room of your dreams

Download the DINING ROOM BUYING GUIDE in pdf

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