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Below you'll find many different options that we offer you to help plan your kitchen according to your space, style and needs. Let us help you do the job, together we'll get you cooking everyday in a unique space created just for you.

If you organise your kitchen into 3 working areas: cooking, washing and storing, you’ll create a natural and efficient flow for cooking. It’s what we call the “working triangle”.

Distributions for your kitchen

Linear, in L, parallel or with a kitchen island. Choose the distribution that fits best to your space and needs. We'll help you make it come true.


Linear kitchen

Here there's no triangle because the working flow is in linear. It's the perfect distribution for small kitchens.

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L shape kitchen

One of the most common, the L shape is perfect when you want to add a dining table.

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Parallel kitchen

This one counts with two working surfaces and storage space in both sides.

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Linear kitchen with island

For a slightly bigger kitchen, in which more than one person cooks. You can include an island so you have more working and storing space.

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Kitchens that adapt to any space

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