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Food preservation & recycling

With our pots with lid and airtight containers, your food is perfectly organised, fresh and always within reach. Some are also transparent, so you can see what's inside at first sight. Because at IKEA, food isn't thrown away.

Stack & keep

We eat what we see. Once you arrive from the supermarket, keep all the cereals, pasta and the rest of dry food in tagged or transparent containers to facilitate the choice of menus

Intelligent usage of the space

We can all recycle and reduce wastes, it’s a simple way of saving money by using only what’s necessary. The paper, the plastic or the metals can be reused, instead of keep consuming natural resources. You cannot imagine the amount of things you can do with the egg cartons or the plastic bottles!


32cm of internal space


52cm of internal space


72cm of internal space

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Cook & keep

Leftovers are alright, but who wants to have lentils for dinner five days in a row? Prepare food for the whole week and keep it in the freezer.

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