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Where does Black Friday come from?

It’s a tradition originated in the United States, that coincides with the first Friday after Thanksgiving Day. It was called black Friday because the roads would get overcrowded when millions of Americans returned to their homes after spending the day with their family.

Nowadays, it’s a world-renowned day for the offers in all businesses, that marks the beginning of Christmas shopping. In fact, it is said that the term was coined by the traders who at this time of the year, saw how their bank accounts grew, going from red figures to black. And that’s where the term came from.

When does Black Friday start in IKEA Gran Canaria?

The 29th of November 2019 will be the date of Black Friday 2019. During Black Friday days, as every year at IKEA Gran Canaria we prepare many discounts and promotions for all your home, big furniture offers, textiles and decoration objects for your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom... and for every corner of your home. Get that chest of drawers your always dreamt of, take the opportunity to renew your mattress or update the appliances of your kitchen.

When is Black Friday celebrated?

El Black Friday (Viernes Negro) tiene lugar un día después del día de "Acción de gracias", que se celebra el cuarto jueves del mes de noviembre. Algunos atribuyen el nombre a que en este día comienza la época en la que los comercios consiguen cambiar los números rojos por negros. Otros, sin embargo, aseguran que el adjetivo "negro" tiene su origen en el 19 de noviembre de 1975, cuando The New York Times utilizó por primera vez el epíteto haciendo alusión al desbarajuste del tránsito y el caos que se habían producido aquel año en la ciudad debido a los descuentos del día posterior a "Acción de gracias".

In Spain this tradition has been becoming more popular since 2013 and has been expanding year after year. It’s also, the perfect moment to advance the Christmas shopping, start thinking about the home decoration and prepare it for the warm and familiar holidays of December. If you’re thinking about these dates, at IKEA Gran Canaria, we already have everything so your house becomes the perfect setting of your Christmas stories.

What’s Cyber Monday or Cyberlunes?

After “Black Friday” comes Cyber Monday 2019.

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