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IKEA Gran Canaria reopens!
It wasn't the same without you
You can continue shopping online. But if you want to come and see us, feel safe. We have limited capacity and here you can check the safety measures we're taking,

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Soluciones de iluminación para exterior

La luz de tu vida


LED solar-powered pendant lamp


Soluciones de iluminación para exterior

IKEA Family Club

For a sustainable life at home

SKOGSFIBBLA, colorful cotton

Sleep like a child and dream of exotic places
thanks to the softness of the SKOGSFIBBLA duvet cover.
100% sustainable cotton, chlorine-free bleaching and cultivated
with lower consumption of water, pesticides and fertilizers.
Thus, farmers increase their profits,
and you take care of the planet while you decorate your bedroom.

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quilt cover and pillowcase


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