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Our energy-saving induction hobs deliver fast and precise cooking results, helping you prep dinner in no time while saving on monthly bills. Plus, they’re super smart too. Get to know the clever functions and features of our induction hobs that make cooking a smoother and more efficient experience.


Power booster


The power booster function delivers additional power to a single cooking zone, perfect for boiling water or for rapidly heating cooking liquids. The booster can be set with just one touch.


Pre-set cooking mode


Adjust to low, medium or high heat by simply moving the pot or pan on the multi-flex zone. The hob senses the position of the cookware and sets the power setting corresponding with the position. You can change the power settings for each position separately and the hob will remember the power settings next time you activate the function.




The bridge function gives you the flexibility to use big or odd-size pots or pans, as it allows you to connect two cooking zones into one large one when needed.


Flexible heating zones


Similar to the bridge function, flexible heating zones let you vary the cooking surface. You can use them separately or connected to larger ones – depending on the size of the cookware you’re using – and easily adapt them to pots and pans in different shapes and sizes.


Integrated extractor


An integrated extractor gives you a good overview since there is no hood over the cooking area. It adjusts automatically to the heating level on the hob – the higher the heat, the more powerful the extraction capacity. With less noise and a discrete design (no hanging extractor to block your view), it enables you to socialise with your guests while cooking on the kitchen island.


Auto-cook function


With the auto-cook function, each zone is pre-set to either melt, keep warm, boil or slow cook – depending on the model. On SMAKLIG hobs, the function is even sensor-based: by pressing the Sensor button, you can switch between melting, keeping warm or slow cooking and it automatically adjusts the power needed for the precise temperature.


Your kitchen at IKEA is another story

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